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Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University

AR application

TANUVAS) is a veterinary university founded in 1989 in ChennaiIndia.

The requirement was to make an application that can help students understand animal anatomy to a greater extent. 

Mobile AR application

PC application

Mobile application

User Research

& Data Mapping


User Experience design using pen and pap

Low Fidelity wireframes for a PC application

Though this project couldn't see the light of the day, some intense research went into it and that too with traditional representation, using pen and paper

This is a mobile application that controls the complete Holosuit.

Holosuit is the core product of my current company. It's a suit that captures the real-time motion and translates into the virtual world.



E-commerce mobile app

Introducing a "trial at home" feature in a new E commerce mobile app.

E commerce