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Wimo is an opinion trading platform that allows you to trade on the outcome of events from weather, politics, current affairs and more. With Wimo, you can turn your opinions into money by betting on whether you think something will happen or not.

Wimo is a great way to make money, learn about the world, and have fun. With Wimo, you can trade on the events that matter to you and make a profit while doing it.

  • Features

  • Trade on a variety of events, from weather to politics.

  • Trade with real money or with virtual money.

  • Safe and secure platform.

  • Easy to use.

Let me tell you another story

Once upon a time... there were two friends Aman and Biswas, 20 and 21 yrs old...

Pls wait here, the case study might take some time in loading

The End

 "Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination"

Hence, below mentioned is the detailed journey of building the product

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