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PC and Mobile application

Other Projects

Image by Giorgio Trovato

Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University

AR, VR, mobile and PC application 

TANUVAS) is a veterinary university founded in 1989 in ChennaiIndia.

The requirement was to make an application that can help students understand animal anatomy to a greater extent. 


E-commerce mobile app

Mobile application

Introducing a new E-commerce app, with  "trial at home" feature which will have benefits like

  • Reduced number of rejections

  • Trial at home facility available in 60 minutes of purchase

Activities – 3.png

Receipt for vehicle servicing

AR Mobile application

As per a survey done in India, the majority of people found it difficult to understand the receipts for bike servicing.

So the concept was to make it more interesting and easy to understand using AR.

Image by Pavel Voinov

Designers website

Funky website for news and articles sharing

Website for sharing information in forms of articles and news.

It was supposed to be creative and funky and at the same time easy to understand for the target audience, which was 50 to 70 yrs age group

Image by Pavel Voinov


Micro details of Mobile & PC apps enhanced by using animation




Low Fidelity wireframes for a PC application

Though this project couldn't see the light of the day, some intense research went into it and that too with traditional representation, using pen and paper

This is a mobile application that controls the complete Holosuit.

Holosuit is the core product of my current company. It's a suit that captures the real-time motion and translates into the virtual world.

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