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Rapido is a bike taxi service provider in India, with 25 million customers & over 1.5 million driver partners. It's now running operations in more than 100 cities in India.


 To design a service for self-drive bike rental (mobile app, website, dashboard)


Cross-functioning teams

  • 1 Designer (me)

  • 1 Manager

  • 1 Data Analyst

  • 1 Lead engineer

  • 1 Leadership team POC

My team had

  • 1 Senior designer (me)

  • 1 UI designer

  • 1 Animation artist​


  • Time for research & design - 4 months

  • Downloads in 1st week - 70,000

Let me introduce the product through a story

Once upon a time... there was a guy named Rajat, 27 yrs old, IT engineer...


The End

The same product was built/designed for multiple other use-cases

Journey #design process


Step-by-step progression from a one-liner idea to a complete service

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