Aman Maheshwari

National Institute of Design

2017 - 20


1995        Born   




"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why"

Mark Twin



1997- 2008        Schooling   

                           Punjab (Kapurthala)

The discipline and decency that the convent school taught, still help me impressing my dates.

Journey of an

Apparel Designer

2017 - 20            Masters in Apparel Designing

                           NID (National Institute of Design)

                           Gandhinagar, Gujarat

A journey of 3 years that entirely reshaped my life and made me what I am today.

Also, the 6 months in between, when I went to the Netherlands on a student exchange program, taught more lessons, than any other event.

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  1. H&M- Recycling/Upcycling old garments

  2. Liquid body armor

  3. RBI- Designing currency

  4. Graphics and poster design

  5. Furniture designing

  6. Dying and printing





- Client projects




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  7. Fashionable garments and drapes

  8. Origami 

  9. Research- Recycling textile waste and

      using biopolymer

10. Indian Railways- Redesigning loco pilot uniform

11. System design- Dating

12. System design- Zostel

13. Gujarat police- Upgrading uniform







2008 - 13         Schooling   

                        Gujarat (Vadodara)


A transition from a Convent school to Kendriya Vidyalaya.

Got to know the meaning of being "street smart"

Always the last bencher, and also a merit performer

Sports were part of everyday life 

from Gulli-danda to Soccer, played it all


2013 - 17           Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering

                          Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology

                          Madhya Pradesh

Used to earn my pocket money from making engineering drawings of other students.

College's benches still have the markings of my exotic imagination


Asset 1.png
  1.  Re-designing single point cutting tool of lathe machine 

  2. Engine efficiency change by changing bio oil concentration in Diesel

  3. 3-D printing new ornaments and shoe soles


2019 - Present             Working in

                                     Designing and manufacturing                                             motion capture suits

The wide range exposure of working with international Designers (Rich from South Korea) to working with manufacturing units in Tirupur (Tamil Nadu) not only taught me leadership skills but also, how to follow another leader in a team.

  1. Designing motion capture suit

  2. Product designing

  3. UX designing

  4. Setting up a design studio

Mechanical engineering

2013 - 17


Apparel Designer



Pic credits: Rohini Bharti

Projects and work 

More about me - my vision , ideology, hobbies......etc.


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